Condition Guarantee

Being collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of the condition of an item. For all new items (items we receive directly from the distributor), we will review every item prior to shipping.

While we would love to say that everything we send is "mint" the reality is that we all have a different definition of what "mint" is, and very few packages out there are truly "mint". We will not send you anything that has any significant damage, or has other issues that we would not want in our own collection. Minor paint variations and slight imperfections at the box corner would be considered normal. Anything that is abnormal we will not send out.

Items that we purchase secondhand may have signs of aging. We will always do our best to include pictures or descriptions of the actual items. Additionally, we may occasionally bring you hard-to-find items from other parts of the world. While we work with trusted partners, damages may occur during transport. Again, we will not send you anything we feel is inferior, but minor wear may show.

In order to protect during shipping, all new standard-size Funko Pops will come with a soft protector. Items we acquire secondhand may not always ship in a protector, but any higher value (>$50) items will ship in a protector.

If you ever have any issue with the condition of the item you receive, please reach out to us at