Star Wars The Vintage Collection Bo-Katan Kryze 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure

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Star Wars Vintage Collection Bo-Katan Kryze Action Figure

While you fought among yourselves, the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Bo-Katan Kryze 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure studied the blade! (Blade sold separately.) Bo-Katan is a veteran of The Clone Wars and as a Mandalorian warrior, has seen some horrible things - the siege of Mandalore, the fall of the Republic, and whatever it is Grogu ate yesterday. With two blasters and an unmasked head, this is one warrior you won't want to miss! Packaged on a 6-inch by 9-inch cardback just like the old days, this is a warrior you should have bought if you haven't already done so. Ages 4 and up.

This figure has a good reputation for a reason. Hasbro's The Vintage Collection toys are beloved by fans old and young alike, but we're seeing some that truly go above and beyond in terms of play and display. Bo-Katan has ball-and-socket joints in her hips for an exceptional range of unencumbered movement, letting her stand or sit without a fuss. The cuts on her elbow joints can bend more than 90 degrees, which is a rarity on even larger figures. The paint job is exquisite, the blasters fit in the holsters or her hands, plus the head - it's amazing. You can swap out the head or the helmet, but the head puts Katee Sackhoff's face on a piece of plastic the size of a pea. It's incredible, and one of the best human faces Hasbro has ever produced at this or any scale. If you ever wanted to buy an action figure just to show people an example of the job done not merely well, but incredibly well, this is it. We can't recommend her enough to fans of The Clone Wars, Rebels, and The Mandalorian.

UPC:  5010993957972
Package Weight (pounds):  0.1
Package Length (inches):  9
Package Width (inches):  6
Package Height (inches):  1
Package Cubic Feet:  0.03
Package Dimensional Weight:  0.39
Carton Weight (pounds):  1.1
Carton Length (inches):  9.5
Carton Width (inches):  6.5
Carton Height (inches):  6.25
Carton Cubic Feet:  0.21
Carton Dimensional Weight:  2.59
Country of Origin:  China
Age:  4+