2019 Black Friday Funko Mystery Box

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Our 2019 Black Friday Funko Mystery Box sale!

There are 25 boxes, and they include:

Five (5) top prizes (pictured)
1 - Agent Anti-Venom Chase
1 - SDCC Huckleberry Hound LE480
1 - Funko Hollywood Freddy Funko
1 - Funko Hollywood Marilyn Monroe
1 - Funko Hollywood Huckleberry Hound

Eight (8) Chases and Exclusives

Twelve (12) common Pops



1) Your box is guaranteed to contain 1 Funko Pop. There is no guarantee on the value of the box, but I have done my best to have a good ratio of valuable Pops.

2) You might not get the Pop you want. I'm sorry. Understand the risk vs. reward.

3) There are 25 spots in this mystery sale.

4) It is completely random. The Pops are pre-packed in 25 9x6x4 boxes. They are all taped and sealed.

5) Shipping is included with the sale price for this item only.  If you wish to purchase other items please do these in another transaction.  Any orders containing items other than the mystery box will be cancelled and refunded.

6) If you order more than one box, there is a chance you will receive duplicates.  I have tried to minimize the number of duplicate pops in the assortment, but there are duplicates.  Since all of the boxes are pre-packed, there is no way to guarantee you will not receive duplicates.

7) Don't participate if you don't want any of the Pops listed or a common Pop!. The ODDS are NOT in your favor.

The shipping labels are all printed at once and then randomly placed on each box. 

 All sales on Mystery Boxes are final.